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Commercial Lumber Products
We are direct mill representatives for the following lumber and allied products:
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Domestic Species:
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), Douglas Fir (DF), Hemlock, White Oak, Red Oak, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Spruce, and all other available domestic woods.

Imported Hardwood species:
Greenheart, Ekki/Azobe/Bongossi, Purpleheart, Jatoba/Locust, Cumuru, Ipe/Bethabara, Basralocus/Angelique, Garapa, Wallaba, Black Kakaralli and all other available tropical hardwoods.

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  • Lumber - All species
  • Timber - All species
  • Dock floatation, Dock Kits, and Complete Docks - SYP, Ipe
  • Bridge Timbers, Prefabricated Bridge Sections - All species
  • Crane Mats, Street Mats - Hardwood, SYP, DF
  • Poles (all classes) - SYP, DF
  • Piling - SYP, Greenheart, DF, Oak
  • Decking - SYP, DF, Ipe/Bethabara, Cumuru, Wallaba, Garapa
  • Stringers - All species
  • Protection Board - SYP
  • Crossarms - SYP, DF
  • Noise Barriers - SYP, Ekki/Azobe
  • Trailer Decking - Purpleheart
  • Bench Slats - DF, Purpleheart, Greenheart, Ekki/Azobe, Ipe/Bethabara, Cumuru
  • Posts and Rail - SYP
  • Treatments available: CCA, ACZA, ACQ, Copper Azole, Copper Naphthenate, Creosote
We are well experienced in providing custom millwork for our customers

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